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Pre Medical Pathway

Medical careers are high profile and highly paid, and TAU’s Premedical program prepares students for a career in this exciting field. This program gives students the foundation of skills and knowledge necessary to enter medical school. Pre-medical studies is not a major, but a series of undergraduate courses in science and mathematics recommended for students who want to pursue medical school after earning their bachelor’s degree.

To start a Premed study center, the following criteria need to be fulfilled.

  • Experience in running an educational institution
  • Familiarity in counselling students for admission in Universities
  • Should have sound financial background
  • Infrastructure of the center(lab facility, teaching aids, tutors etc)
  • Advertisement capacity of the center
  • Student- recruiting capacity of the center
Student Centers

Study Centers

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Now start TAU study center in easy steps. If you are looking to have franchisee or, study center of Texila American University. Here is step by step guide that will help you to start a study center with us.

Pre-requisites for Study Centers
The specific prerequisites for various Study Centers are as under:

All the Study Centers shall have the adequate infrastructure of Class Rooms with proper size and amenities, library facility, computer facility, internet and telephone connection and adequate number of teaching and support staff to impart instructions for the concerned academic Programmes. The center must have congenial and hygienic academic environment with essential facilities. You need to pay the affiliation on receiving the Letter of Intent from the university henceforth the MOU would be signed

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Approved Admission Advisors (Agents)

Texila American University Group works with trusted recruitment agencies across the world, to enable students from various countries to achieve academic success. As an approved admission advisors (agent), you will act as bridge between TAU Consortium and potential students.

Working with us
We are partnered with many approved admission advisors around the globe, but we’re always interested in partnering more agents. Whether your agency is small or large, we’d like to hear from you.

Being an Approved Admission Advisors (Agent) with Texila American University Group, you’ll open up a whole range of outstanding study options for the students. We are partnered with renowned universities and have years of experience in preparing students for university studies.

We provide online and offline resources and offer a training and support programme for all of our agent partners.

Texila invites business associates from various nations to build a long-lasting relationship and with relevant educational experience who can translate the application to student.

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Learning Management Centers (LMCs)

Targeting to make your business reach greater heights? Then you are at the right place. TAU brings your Business across the world through attractive proposals. A Learning Management Center or an LMC would be one of the best destinations for the teaching and learning in different perspectives. As far as an International University is considered, LMC has a great role to play. To become an LMC, the following norms should be satisfied:

  • Must have adequate faculty and infrastructure facilities like classrooms, computers etc., to run face to face programs (if required)
  • Must have registered their office
  • Responsible to recruit students for various programs offered by university
  • Provide learning studio and assistance to the students
  • Advertise the programs in all means (Website, Newspaper, Ads etc.)
  • Involve in local marketing to generate a good number of traffic for online programs

How are LMC’s benefited?
All our programs are designed based on the student’s interest and employer feedback to provide a better experience for graduates with marketable professional skills.

  • The center will be able to act as a local representative for the university to enrol students for different programs
  • It has the option to work with locals face to face by assuring trust and monetary appreciate for the student and the center

Texila has an extensive list of collaborative programs and is always keen to expand that list. If you would like to be our next Learning Management Center (LMC), or if you want to explore how we can help you with an opportunity, contact us and enjoy our fresh approach towards partnerships With Texila American University.

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