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Our Knowledge Sharing Platforms


Electronic conferencing is a popular method used in today’s educational ecosystem. E-conferencing is used to engage different stakeholders in various dialogues without being in the same room.

Texila American University is one of the few private universities in the world that has introduced the concept of e-conferencing. We have been successfully conducting e-Conferences since 2014.



E-journals are periodical publications that are published in electronic format on the Internet.

Texila American University introduced Texila International Journal (TIJ) in 2012 to make academic journal database accessible to all our students.


Texila Connect

Texila Connect is an initiative by Texila American University to keep our students updated on trends emerging in preventive healthcare, analytics, pathology and other medical innovations and discoveries.


Texila Digipedia

At Texila Digipedia, we collect, share and publish information and knowledge for our students and researchers. Texila Digipedia is an online hub where students can easily access academic research database. Texila Digipedia has all the latest research material and books which can guide students throughout their academics.